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Perfect by Ed Sheeran: Easy Beginner Cello Sheet Music

Below is a pdf sheet music download of Perfect by Ed Sheeran arranged for beginner cello!

It’s super important to explore a variety of genres and styles on the cello.

Don’t get me wrong - Suzuki books, Essential Elements, etc. are great pedagogical tools and I use them regularly in my lessons. But sometimes the music in Suzuki book 1 doesn’t resonate with a beginner and they need to try another style to get them excited about playing.

That was the case with a young student of mine a couple of months ago, so I decided to arrange one of her favorite songs for beginner cello: Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

This version of the piece can be played in first position all the way through. It’s transposed up a half-step from Ab major to G major (a much easier key to play on the cello.)

This is also only the vocal line - leave a comment or send me an email if you want a cello duet version! Or if you have a guitar or pianist friend that can improvise an accompaniment for you, the chords are G, Em, C, and D for the verses, and then Em, C, G, and D for the chorus.

What you need to know for this piece

This is a beginner-friendly arrangement, but probably not the first one you’ll learn on the cello. Before you attempt this piece, you should know:

  • How to read bass clef

  • How to play in a ¾ time signature

  • How to play in G major (with F# in the key signature)

  • First position on the A, D, and G strings

  • Down bows and up bows

  • Bow lifts

  • Slurs and ties

Here's the arrangement

Scroll to the end of the page for the PDF download!

Download pdf sheet music for the beginner cello arrangement of Perfect by Ed Sheeran:

Download PDF • 40KB

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