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ILMEA 2020 Audition Update

The Illinois Music Educators Association has shared a statement by Executive Director Darcy Nendza, which includes an update about ILMEA auditions: “ILMEA will move all auditions to a virtual, recorded environment - this decision applies only to the fall of 2020.”

This update means that students will have a different ILMEA audition experience than they are used to, but one that is still valuable. Many pre-professional and professional auditions include a recorded component, so recording an audition is a useful skill in itself to develop. Watch out for further posts on this blog including my continuing Junior ILMEA cello audition guide!

Executive Director Darcy Nendza’s full statement as found on social media is below:

"The ILMEA Board of Directors met this week for their annual Summer Board Meeting. The comprehensive discussions brought about many decisions for ILMEA this fall and beyond! We will be sharing out information on all of these decisions as the fall develops.

One of the decisions made was that ILMEA will move all auditions to a virtual, recorded environment - this decision applies only to the fall of 2020. The Board is already hard at work on the logistics and these details will be sent to you as soon as possible, but we wanted everyone to know that we understand the impact that COVID is having on all of our schools. The safety of everyone involved is the Board’s highest priority and there is no way that a typical audition day is feasible in a pandemic.

We also understand that many people will immediately have questions about the status of ILMEA’s Fall Festivals. Many of our experiences will have to adapt as the needs arise, but the Board is committed to providing some type of experience for the student musicians of Illinois. Many exciting and creative ideas were discussed, and again, we will be sending out details as quickly as we can.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for all your support as we work through the fall!


Darcy Nendza"

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